Orlando: Miller's Ale House

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Being in Orlando for so long had gotten to us a little so we decided to ask some of the staff at the resort where they eat before and after work. It was late in the evening and we decided to grab a snack and have a beer after a long day of work. The staff recommended local favorites including Miller's Ale House, a casual bar located just outside the Disney resort area.

After a $10 cab ride we found ourselves situated at a table in the bar surrounded by big screen TVs broadcasting various sporting events. Miller's Ale House is not fancy - just a good old-fashioned American tavern with a pretty expansive menu located here for your review. I didn't realize at the time that the place is a chain but as it turns out they have plenty of locations across the US.

Miller's is known for their Zingers, basically chicken fingers in a sauce of your choosing. For an appetizer, we ordered a round of Zingers with Mt. St. Helen's sauce which was supposed to be "dangerous" hot. Now, I grew up on spicy food so my palate can sometimes run a little more tolerant of spice than most, but I can honestly say this was just not spicy. The sauce gave the chicken fingers a nice coating of flavor but not much heat.

For the main course I ordered the blackened prime rib sandwich. I was a little skeptical after the mediocre appetizer but as the entree came out it looked really good.

Looks didn't disappoint - the meat was prime and cooked to perfection. My first bite took me by surprise (after the appetizer) as the sandwich was really good! The portion was huge so I only ate half of the sandwich. The au jus sauce was great- I could smell and taste all the flavors the prime rib had to offer. After a beer (really nice selection by the way), apps and a great sandwich we called it a night.

Again, nothing fancy about this place, including the price. Don't get suckered into the Zingers; they're really not worth the hype. Stick with the sandwiches which are on the cheap but have what you are looking for when it comes to taste! A drink, apps and prime rib sandwich set us back $25.00.

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