Orlando: Grand Cafe, Wolfgang Puck

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Last week I attended a conference in Orlando, FL - not one of my favorite places to go, especially since we were stuck on Disney property most of the week. The Disney experience usually means some pretty big dollars! For the most part it's pretty hard to find decent food at a reasonable price while on the resort. However, I did manage to find some reasonable items, at least as good as it gets given the location.

First off, Wolfgang does it right. If you have ever dined at one of his restaurants you know it's top notch when it comes to service and atmosphere. Even in the commercialized world of Disney he has managed to create a restaurant where it is fun to dine with a great, vibrant atmosphere and a friendly, knowledgeable crew. The crowd is diverse, you will find some of the patrons dressed to the nines coming out of the Cirque Du Soleil show while many are casual theme park-goers looking to recharge after a long day of Mickey madness.

The menu is just as diverse as the crowd. Click here to see the website with menu options. You will find something for even the pickiest of eaters. From sushi, to pizza, steaks to pasta - take your pick! I opted to sample the sushi, specifically the Chef's Sushi Special roll. It was eight pieces of yum. The roll was a spicy tuna roll, with crispy tempura bits inside and topped with smoked salmon, drizzled with a spicy ginger sauce. I enjoyed the combination of the flavors and loved the heat of the spicy tuna and sauce that was on top. As other dishes went by me to neighboring tables they all looked well assembled and the faces of the people eating them looked very satisfied.

For being in the middle of tourist trap overpriced restaurants, Wolfgang delivers on the reputation his brands are known for at a reasonable price. A drink and the Chef's Sushi Special set me back $18.00. If I find myself back in Downtown Disney, you can bet I will be heading back.

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