Bangor: Captain Nicks

on Wednesday, December 28, 2011 in ,
Here I am in Bangor ME a couple days left in the year still trying to close business to make 2011 a great year. While here you have to indulge in lobster so given the time of day I am free the best option according to the locals is captain nicks. On the menu for me tonight is an app of mussels in a white wine sauce and then a lazy lobster already de shelled and ready to eat.

For those more adventurous here are the instructions to crack your own meat.

The verdict, hmmm I have had better on Portland but maybe I didn't order the right dish here. I was a little underwhelmed at the amount d lobster that came with my meal. Should have been mounding above the bowl, it looks like the were a little skimpy on the main attraction.

Have to try somewhere else, problem is they are not open very late for dinner! See what happens tomorrow, stand by.


Plus, if it were me, I wouldn't want it to come drowning in the butter already...I'd want to dip to my own satisfaction, not just have it served saturated. I mean, I know that's the point, but just saying...they don't get any points for presentation.