Miami: Mango's Tropical Cafe

on Wednesday, June 09, 2010 in , ,

I am very lucky to travel into some really cool cities like Miami. It is such a melting pot of cultures that blends right on over on to your plate during every meal. The heavy Cuban influence adds the Latin and Caribbean flare to meals. The city is also a playground for the international community, you rarely hear anyone speaking English in the streets! French, German, eastern European visitors have spurred a scene that in my mind has changed over the last few years to a more sophisticated crowd with just as distinguished tastes for food.

Or so I thought! Yes the scene is cool, the people beautiful, I met up with a good friend from Germany and was expecting to head out to a nice meal, maybe nobu? Nooooo. When we discussed where to eat Cuban food came up! Just as I was going to ask for recommendations, a cab was ordered and we were on our way to Mango's! Oh boy.

Like any restaurants on the drive they hock menus at you try and get you in the door with their specials and prime beach side seating. Mango's is definitely a main stay on the strip. The food is ok, it's really just glorified bar food with hints of the Latin flavors.

I had the shrimp Al ajillo pictured below. It's description is a traditional Spanish dish with shrimp, in garlic wine sauce, with plantains lightly fried and rice and black beans. Like I said wasn't that bad but certainly did not scream Latin/Cuban to me. Oh well good friends, drinks food, a good time was had by all and my German friend was happy, that's all that matters!
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