Bangor: Captain Nicks

on Wednesday, December 28, 2011 in ,
Here I am in Bangor ME a couple days left in the year still trying to close business to make 2011 a great year. While here you have to indulge in lobster so given the time of day I am free the best option according to the locals is captain nicks. On the menu for me tonight is an app of mussels in a white wine sauce and then a lazy lobster already de shelled and ready to eat.

For those more adventurous here are the instructions to crack your own meat.

The verdict, hmmm I have had better on Portland but maybe I didn't order the right dish here. I was a little underwhelmed at the amount d lobster that came with my meal. Should have been mounding above the bowl, it looks like the were a little skimpy on the main attraction.

Have to try somewhere else, problem is they are not open very late for dinner! See what happens tomorrow, stand by.


New York: Todd English Food Hall

on Friday, December 02, 2011 in , , , , ,
Finished up monster week in Chicago only to head to NYC. More walking, more eating although I really behaved in Chicago all week. Might as well splurge a little, since I will be spin doubles tomorrow at the gym.

My sister recommended The Food Hall at the Plaza Hotel. The menu looks crazy good, everything you can imagine literally like a Food Hall. Still waiting for a table hope to be seated soon.

Table was worth the 35 min wait, not bad on a Friday night. Check out the menu:


We munched down the baked oysters, sweet potato bisque, the ravioli and pastrami burger. My fav, the burger, man that was good.

I could have eaten at this place all night , raw bar, sushi, pizza, Asian flavors you name it they had it.

Well done Mr. English!