The New Eater in Town

on Thursday, February 04, 2010 in , ,
Since my husband, The Eating Executive, does more executive things lately and less in the way of eating - or at least less blogging about eating, I've decided to hijack this blog.

I met a girlfriend and her sister tonight a few miles from home at a tapas bar but I don't really have much in the way of positive remarks.

I should first say that I'm not ordinarily the biggest fan of tapas or small plates. The moment I hit my stride and find something I love, I look down and the plate is empty. Not good. As a result, I wasn't expecting much from The Cave Tapas Bar in Kennesaw, GA and they didn't exceed my expectations. At all. In any way.

First, they dropped off our menus - those vinyl tri-fold menus. Problem was, they forgot to slip the actual paper menus into them. Stellar. After getting the waiter's attention and requesting menus with actual typeprint explaining their offerings, we asked to order an appetizer to start and then a few plates to share. The waiter told us just to hold onto the menu and order as we wanted the food. Wuuuh?? Just space it out, dude!

While we were waiting for the first thing we ordered (since they couldn't manage the timing themselves), we ordered a bottle of wine. We were told that they had to run next door to buy a bottle of wine at the liquor store (classy) only to discover they purchased the wrong bottle. We then ordered an alternative only to discover they didn't have that one, either. To their credit, they offered us a more expensive bottle at the price of our second choice. Yay for that. That's all I have to "yay" about.

We ordered a salami & cheese plate, wings, sliders and green beans. Nothing was downright bad and the wings were pretty good for a joint that doesn't specialize in wings, but nothing was outstanding. The sliders had more bun than "stuff." The salami & cheese plate was very amateurish. The beans were true to their garlic-n-parmesan description but were a smidge shy of gourmet.

Atmosphere: Dark, rustic
Cleanliness: Clean, not smoky, bathrooms were clean
Food: Mediocre
Service: Awful
Overall: Don't bother